Residential Services



Design your dream kitchen where you can prepare your favourite meals or entertain the quests over a glass of wine. If you want to bring warmth into space where the magic happens and organize it in the most efficient way our designers and professional kitchen installers will help you bring your idea to life. With dozens of cabinet materials and finishes and years of experience, we can make your kitchen glamorous.



Are you tired of the look of your old bathroom or want to renovate it so it will add value to your home? Either way, we can help you make it shine. We can do some simple improvements, or we can start from scratch and build you a brand new bathroom. You just need to decide and we will do the work!


Bought a house with an unfinished basement? Do you want to transform this space into a movie theatre, playground for your children or a mancave? We are here to help you. We can make your basement not only liveable but more a place where you’ll make memories with your family and friends that will last.


Is your living space completely not functional and you ask yourself what was the architect thinking when he was doing the floor plan layout? Unfortunately, many homes are done like that. But don’t worry our interior design architects with your input will make your floor plan layout functional and comfortable.


Do you need to extend the size of your living room, access to your basement or you want to add another floor to your house? We can certainly help you with that. We provide full services from design, permits to construction.  We are dedicated to providing high-end services to our customers regardless of the project size.

New Homes

You have inherited an old house, or you are an investor who bought an old house for resale and you know that no renovation can help you get the results you need. Yes, you are right to scrapping everything and starting from scratch is the right choice. We can help you with every step of the process and we assure you that you’ll be more than satisfied with the end result.